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Maxxis RAZR AT811

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Maxxis RAZR AT811

The Cutting Edge All-Terrain Tyre

Engineered using the know-how Maxxis has gained from years of research in...

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Maxxis RAZR AT811

The Cutting Edge All-Terrain Tyre

Engineered using the know-how Maxxis has gained from years of research in the off-road and all-terrain tyre market, the maxxis RAZR AT811 is cuuting edge in every way.

Price is for pick up price, shop will apply $35 per tyre for fitment and balanace

Size available below:

31X10.5R15 LT 109Q

235/75R15 LT 110/107S

225/75R16 LT 115/115S

235/85R16 LT 120/116S

245/70R16 LT 118/115R

255/70R16 LT 120/117S

265/70R16 LT 121/118S

265/75R16 LT 123/120R

285/75R16 LT 126/123R

35X12.5R17 LT 121R 

37X12.5R17 LT 128R

225/70R17 LT 115/112S 

245/65R17 LT 117/114S

245/75R17 LT 121/118S

255/65R17 LT 119/116Q 

255/70R17 LT 121/118S

265/65R17 LT 120/117S

265/70R17 LT 121/118S

275/65R17 LT 121/118R

275/70R17 LT 121/118R

285/70R17 LT 121/118R

295/70R17 LT 121/118R

33X12.5R18 122Q

35X12.5R18 128/128Q 

255/60R18 LT 117/114Q 

255/65R18 LT 120/117S

265/60R18 LT 119/116S

265/65R18 LT 119/116S

265/70R18 LT 124/121S

275/65R18 LT 123/120S

275/70R18 LT 125/122S

285/60R18 LT 122/119S

285/65R18 LT 125/122S

295/70R18 LT 129/126S

35X12.5R20 LT 125Q

37X12.5R20 LT 128R

265/50R20 LT 121/118Q

265/60R20 LT 121/118S 

275/60R20 LT 123/120S 

275/65R20 LT 126/123S

285/55R20 LT 122/119S

35X12.5R22 121Q 

285/50R22 LT 121/118R 

Feathures and Benefits:

  • A balde shaped tread block design ensure excellent off-road traction and water drainage in wet weather conditions
  • Aggressive side biter lugs assist in providing optimal tranction in muddy conditions and protect the sidewall from cuts and punctures
  • Unique shoulder lug design assists with traction in heavy off-road conditions - especially when being driven on at lower inflation pressures
  •  'SAW EDGE' Shoulder Blocked enhand traction in harsh off-road conditions
  • A Unique Stone-EJECTING Shoulder Groove reduces the possiblity of stones lodgeing between Tread Blocks and damaging the tyre casing
  • A Dual-Layer High Tension Cap PLY ensures excellent cornering ability both on and off the road, as well as futher improving puncture resistance
  • High-Strngth Polyester Carcass Construction improves cornering ability and ensures optimal puncture resistance
  • A High Elasticity Lower Sidewall Filler Conpound results in excellent ride comfort - especially on unpaved roads
  • 3-PLY Sidewall Contruction provides further puncture resistance in off-road conditions
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